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FSC announces partnership with UN-REDD Lower Mekong Initiative

FSC is pleased to announce a partnership with the UN-REDD Lower Mekong Initiative. Focusing on the sustainable forest trade in the Lower Mekong Region (LMR), the partnership is a big step forward for sustainable timber products in Southeast Asia.

This UN-REDD Lower Mekong Initiative supports sustainable forestry in the region through improved governance. Covering Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, and engaging China as an important partner, the initiative aims to reduce forest degradation and deforestation and promote sustainable forest management around the region.

FSC’s strong presence and credibility in the region puts us in a unique position to advance responsible forest management and trade. China is a major consumer of tropical timber, and many suppliers are located in the LMR, particularly Thailand and Vietnam, and there are great opportunities to link the supply and demand of certified timber products.

This exciting partnership will see us fully commit to developing a Sustainable Tropical Timber Information Hub, bringing FSC certificate holders of all sizes together - from smallholders, and SMEs, to multi-national corporations along the construction, timber and furniture value chains. The hub will provide a “one-stop-shop” experience providing information to buyers, sellers and other interested parties like trading companies and governments. Alongside the hub, we will develop a network of certified tropical timber trading companies that will be connected with their counterparts in China, going a step further to increase both supply and demand.


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Programme Brochure

Available Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai

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