Media Resources

We have a selection of media resources and materials related to FSC and our work available for journalists to use. Please contact FSC APAC for more information.

Photo by Laura Lee Moreau on Unsplash

FSC Basics

FSC Forest Management Certification

FSC Chain of Custody Certification

What does the label mean?

What does the FSC™ label mean? (English Version)

認識FSC™小樹標籤 (Traditional Chinese Version)

认识FSC®小树标签 (Simplified Chinese Version)

이 라벨의 의미는 무엇일까요? (Korean Version)

FSC™ là gì? (Vietnamese Version)

ฉลากนี้บอกอะไร? (Thai Version)

GIF Library

Get to Know the FSC labels

Components of an FSC label

3 types of FSC labels

Certificate verification know-how

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