In a remarkable environmental achievement, the Asia-Pacific region has reached a significant milestone, with over 10 million hectares of forests now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This landmark achievement underscores the region's commitment to sustainable forest management and the preservation of vital ecosystems.

Healthy forests are essential for the wellbeing of our planet, playing a crucial role in biodiversity, climate regulation, and providing resources for communities. The certification of such a vast area signifies a major leap forward in the mission to promote responsible forest management.

The success of this initiative can be attributed to the concerted efforts of businesses and stakeholders who have consistently chosen FSC's trusted forest management system. This system not only focuses on protecting forests but also aims to nurture a healthier planet for future generations.

As the region celebrates this accomplishment, a heartfelt appreciation is extended to everyone involved in this journey. The dedication to protecting and enhancing resilient forests is a testament to the collective effort to ensure a sustainable environment for all, forever. .

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