Milan, February 29, 2024 – Pirelli is the first company to produce a complete range of FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) - certified tyres for motorsport. Starting from this year, all the tyres used in the FIA Formula One World Championship will be marked with the FSC logo. This certifies that all the natural rubber[1] within the tyre complies with stringent environmental and social criteria required by the FSC, the world-leading non-governmental organisation for sustainable forestry.


This certification, announced on October 10 last year when Pirelli renewed its agreement as the Global Tyre Partner of Formula 1® until at least 2027, will apply to all the tyres used on track, starting with pre-season testing in Bahrain from February 21-23. The FSC-certified tyres have been introduced following an intense development programme that began in 2022, which showed clear results in terms of both reliability and performance.


The first free practice sessions at the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix today hosted the debut of these certified tyres at a Grand Prix™ event. This marks a significant step, reflecting Pirelli’s commitment to delivering increasingly sustainable performance and solutions even within the special environment of motorsport, starting with its greatest technological and competitive expression, Formula 1®.


Pirelli has been confirmed as one of the global leaders in the fight against climate change for the sixth consecutive year with a place in the 2023 Climate A list from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international no-profit organisation that researches and promotes environmental information. Pirelli was also the first tyre manufacturer to be awarded a three-star rating on the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme.



Together with the FIA and Formula 1®, the Italian firm has underlined its position in the front line of research and development into new technology, both on the technical and sporting side, to support the work that has already been done in reducing CO2 emissions throughout the entire life cycle of a Formula 1 tyre. FSC certification joins a number of initiatives already put in place for motorsport by Pirelli in recent years:


  • all the tyres that Pirelli brings to the track during a grand prix weekend – used in F1®, F2™, F3™ and F1 Academy™ – will be transformed into secondary raw materials after use, for multiple circular uses;
  • the electrical energy used to make F1®, F2™, F3™ and F1 Academy™ tyres comes exclusively from 100% renewable certified sources;
  • the use of ‘virtual’ design technology for all tyres not only considerably reduces development time, but above all the number of physical prototypes needed, cutting down on materials used;
  • the elimination of tyre warmers in Formula 1 for full wet covers, pioneered in Monaco last year, reduces the use of electrical energy;
  • more streamlined logistics, with sea freight now the preferred method of transport over air freight, cuts down on logistics emissions.


Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli Executive Vice President Motorsport, Sustainability and Future Mobility:

"The debut of our FSC-certified tyres in the world of motorsport represents a significant moment in Pirelli’s sustainability journey. In 2021 we were first to equip a road car with FSC-certified tyres, and now we are proud to be the first do so in motorsport as well. Formula 1 is an extraordinary open-air laboratory for us. It allows us not only to design and test new technology as well as improve research and development processes for roadgoing tyres, but also but also to unite maximum performance, typical of the demanding motorsport environment, with commitment towards an increasingly sustainable world.”


Sara Mariani, FIA Sustainability and D&I Director:

“Pirelli’s implementation of FSC-certified tyres in the FIA Formula One World Championship is a strong statement of the company’s commitment to sustainability – not just to its own targets but also in its alignment with the goals of the FIA’s Environmental Strategy, which seeks to reduce motorsport impact and reinforce the sport as a catalyst for sustainable innovation and technology. Those ambitions were fundamental to the Formula 1 tyre supply tender launched last year by the FIA for 2025 and beyond and following its successful bid Pirelli has admirably already begun to innovate in pursuit of even greater sustainability with the introduction of FSC-certified tyres in 2024.”


Ellen Jones, Formula 1 ESG Director:

“Formula 1 is proud to collaborate with Pirelli on sustainability topics at every level, as the introduction of FSC-certified tyres shows. This is an important and positive step forward, as well as another example of how our partners are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices as we continue our mission towards Net Zero by 2030. We can’t wait to see the new FSC-certified tyres in action this weekend in Bahrain and then throughout the rest of the season.” 


Fabian Farkas, Forest Stewardship Council International Commercial Director:

“The FSC logo and certification are the reference standard for sustainable forest management. The automotive industry needs to react to alleviate the pressure that natural rubber production places on forest ecosystems and communities. We applaud Pirelli’s leadership in confronting the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges within the natural rubber value chain. This initiative shows that performance and sustainability can co-exist side by side, and the FSC is ready to support companies at a global level to follow this example.”


What is FSC certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) – a non-profit organization governed by environmental, social, and economic perspectives equally – covers more than 150 million hectares of certified forests and is the global benchmark for sustainable forestry. FSC’s strict forest management standards require that forests are managed to preserve biological diversity, while benefitting local workers and communities in way that is economically beneficial for them. The robust FSC certification process ensures that all certified material is separated from non-certified material throughout the supply chain, from plantation to tyre manufacturer.


Pirelli’s natural rubber supply chain

FSC certification of the natural rubber from certified plantations used by Pirelli to make tyres for the FIA Formula One World Championship is the latest step in the company’s long-running programme to sustainably manage the natural rubber supply chain. This is achieved via a roadmap of best practice in the different countries of origin for natural rubber, in line with the principles and values set out in the Pirelli Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy from 2017. This document is the result of consultation with key stakeholders in the natural rubber value chain, including international NGOs, Pirelli’s main natural rubber suppliers, growers and sellers in the supply chain, automotive clients, and other global organisations.



[1] Tyres are FSC-certified (FSC ® N003618) as “MIX Natural Rubber” since tyres are made of a combination of natural and synthetic rubber, in conformity to the FSC® ADVICE-40-004-15.

[2] Natural Rubber equates to 15% on tyre weight, on average.

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