FSC Asia Pacific Business Forum

The demand for sourcing forestry products responsibly from the Asia Pacific region has increased exponentially. To bridge the gap between sourcing and supplying certified forestry products, FSC APAC held the first FSC Asia Pacific Business Forum in 2017.



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APAC Business Forum Highlights

APAC Business Forum 2019
The FSC Asia Pacific 2019 Business Forum was held in Shanghai in October. More than 120 attendees, including retailers, producers, certificate holders and certification bodies, gathered to share their insights and experiences from the past year and discuss the rapid and successful progression of sustainable forestry throughout the Asia Pacific region.
APAC Business Forum 2018
Themed “Promoting Responsible Value Chains in Forest Products with Brands and Retailers”, the 2018 FSC Asia Business Forum was held in Mumbai, India on 25 and 26 September. The two-day forum focused on the increasing importance of responsible forest product value chains. The participants explored a number of avenues through which brands and retailers can promote and mutually benefit from these value chains.
FSC’s first-ever business forum for the Asia Pacific region was held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 8 November 2017. Called “Diversifying your FSC Supply: Connecting Suppliers and Buyers”, the focus of the forum, which attracted over 100 certificate holders from around the region, was bridging the gap between businesses that source and businesses that supply certified forestry products.